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19 April 2024

The Best And Fastest Way To $1,000 /month On The Side

Time to read:

2 Minutes

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Kyle Prinsloo


Earning $1k once-off is easy.

Doing it every single month - now, that’s not easy.

Or is it?

In my experience, once you can hit $1k /month consistently, reaching $10k /month is easy much easier.

So let’s expand on how you can get to $1k /month and scale from there.

The no-fluff approach 🙂

There are three things you need to get to $1k/month:

  1. What are you selling?

  2. Who are you selling it to?

  3. How much are you selling it for?

These are the 3 key components of your offer.

Once you have a solid, specific, attractive offer, it’s easier to start selling it consistently to your ideal clients.

So let’s help you get clear on those 3 things.

  1. What are you selling? You need a skill, or a set of skills that can solve a specific problem for clients. This could be web design, along with marketing, copywriting, etc.

  2. Who are you selling to?

    Who is your ideal client (your niche)? You need to get specific. For example, as a web designer, choose one specific industry to serve businesses in that niche.

  3. How much are you selling it for? When it comes to pricing, I could write a book (and I did 😅). But it boils down to: you should be pricing your offer based on the value it offers the client (ROI), not how many hours it takes you to complete the job. Price your services as a solutions expert, not as a commodity. At the beginning stages, charge fixed prices, but move to value-based pricing.

Some examples of how to put this together:

Offer 1:

I offer pricing landing page AB Split tests for SaaS Founders, at $1k /month (or $500 /month, depending on the client’s needs and budget).

At $500 /month I aim to get 2 clients.

How will I get these clients?

LinkedIn - posting related, helpful content, and putting my offers out there.

Cold outreach via DM and emails

Offer 2:

I write 1x SEO optimized article for crypto influencers for $1k /month (or $500 /month and get 2 clients)

How will I get these clients?

Twitter DM outreach (because that’s where most crypto influencers hang out).

I’m not saying you can build this system on day 2 of starting your freelance journey.

Your experience is important if you’re going to position yourself as an expert at offering solutions.

If you don’t have experience yet, start with building your portfolio by working for cheap or for free - just make sure it’s in your chosen niche. There’s no better way to learn than on the job.

Do good work and get client testimonials - social proof is the best proof when prospects are considering your services.

Of course, there are many ways around it.

But this is a simple roadmap to $1k /month.

Stop overcomplicating it. It works.

Now, duplicate that to get to $10k.


  • Identify product/service, target market, and pricing strategy to reach $1k/month.

  • Focus on value-based pricing and specialized service offerings to ideal clients.

  • Use direct outreach and content marketing on relevant platforms for client acquisition.

Have a good one, and chat to you next week!

Thanks for reading!


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