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22 April 2024

You’re Focusing on the Wrong Things

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Kyle Prinsloo


You probably know Bob.

He likes designing websites.

Most days he spends 4 hours watching YouTube tutorials and playing around with the next shiny design tool.

Then there’s freelancer Fred.

You don’t see much of him cos he’s busy transitioning from his full-time sales job working 60 hours a week.

When he gets home at 6pm, he inhales some food (usually noodles) then spends at least one hour every day actively marketing his freelance business.

With 5 focused hours a week, Fred manages to build his business to $1K a month in the first 6 months.

In 12 months he’s started hitting $5K consistently.

Now, he’s ready to quit his 9-5 (and the noodles).

Meanwhile, Bob has finally perfected his 3D logo.

Something he's been wanting to do for the last 3 months.

Well done Bob 👏

I have nothing against hobby freelancing...

It’s awesome. Play around, explore stuff, have fun, do what you want.

But if you want to build a freelance business, then take it seriously.

If you want to take it seriously, stop focusing on the wrong things:

❌ Stop chasing perfection.

❌ Stop wasting time on pretty logos

❌ Stop spending days researching XYZ and overloading on tutorials instead of actually starting or building stuff.

Perfection will stop you from gaining momentum and making real progress building your business.

Too many beginner freelancers and creators fall into the perfection trap and waste crazy amounts of time focusing on the wrong things.

It's time to snap out of it.

Stop playing games. So what are the things worth doing?

Building a brand

Figure out your zone of expertise and get known for that. Be “the guy [your ideal client] calls when they need to [solve for X]”

Sharing what you know

More than building your authority, clients will be attracted by the fact that you’re generous with the value you provide. Also creates opportunities for partnerships and referrals as you keep yourself top of mind.

Marketing and advertising activities to get clients

No-brainer, hopefully.

Building client relationships

You never know the potential return on investment you’ll get from putting the work into client relationships. It’s never a waste of time.

Improving your knowledge by testing.

Focus on learning ‘on the job’ - not just reading or watching things. You can read about swimming and watch people swimming all day, but you won’t figure out how to not drown until you jump in the water.

I hope this helps you chew on some tough noodles and fix your focus.

Say goodbye to your procrastinator-self.

It's time to get results.

Make the change and put in the focus.


Say goodbye to your procrastinator-self.

It's time to get results.

Make the change and put in the focus.

Have a good one, and chat to you next week!

Thanks for reading!


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