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26 February 2024

Freelancing Advice To Avoid If You Want To Grow

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Kyle Prinsloo


I mostly talk about freelancing advice to follow.

But I don’t talk enough about what you should avoid.

So let’s fix that.

Time to roast 5 bad pieces of freelancing advice you’ve probably seen everywhere. 

#1. Never Work For Free.



Here are three good reasons you should: 

  • Build your portfolio quickly - doing free work is the quickest and (in my opinion) best way to build your portfolio when starting out. Since you aren’t limited by what a client is willing to pay, you can pick your ideal clients and build up a niche portfolio. Instead of wasting time on low paying, non-ideal jobs you won’t even want in your portfolio in a few months.

  • Get valuable experience - you can’t really put a price tag on experience. Instead of investing in another online course, you’re investing in on-the-job learning. And that translates to being able to charge higher rates earlier in your freelance journey.

  • Gain exposure - doing a job for free for a brand you and masses of people admire vs. working for average clients for average pay. What do you choose? Getting your personal brand associated with an awesome brand early in your career is worth a freebie.   

#2. You Can Earn $10k /month Within 6 Months.

You won’t.

That only happens for less than 1% of people.

It’s possible, but it’s extremely rare.

Within 12 months?

Yes, but don’t buy the BS that it will be easy. 

How about $5k /month within 12 months?

Definitely. That’s more realistic and doable for most people. 

#3. Cold Outreach Doesn’t Work.

Try telling that to freelancers who make 6 figures a year from it.

It works. 

It’s a numbers game. And it needs to be done right. 

But it works.

Pro tip: most sales happen in the follow-ups.

#4. Freelancing Platforms Are A Waste Of Time


Most people start on freelance platforms.

I got my first paying freelance job on Fiverr for $5. (And I took my wife out for a $5 meal to celebrate). 

I turned that $5 job into a $100 job.

Then into a $1,000 job, within a month. 

I know professionals who are consistently booked for $500+ / hr and they still list their services on Upwork and other freelance platforms. 


These platforms are where thousands of clients go looking for services like theirs. 

Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage because you think freelance platforms are beneath you.

It works, even today.

#5. Charge What You’re Worth

Yes, amazing! $250 /hour, here I come. 

But when you’re a beginner with no experience… charge what you’re worth. 

First, you need to put in the time, and get experience.

Start low, get experience, get results, and charge what you're worth.

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