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17 May 2024

How to Sell Websites to International Clients

Time to read:

3 Minutes

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Kyle Prinsloo


This doesn’t really apply if you’re in a first world country. So ignore, have a good weekend, and check next week’s newsletter 😎

If you’re in a 3rd world country, this short newsletter could change your life.

Here’s the takeaway upfront:

How much is a bottle of water?

  • $1 in the supermarket

  • $2 at a coffee shop

  • $3 at a restaurant

  • $5 at a golf course

Same product. 

Different location. 

Different clients.


It changes everything....

So, how does this apply to you as a web designer?

Let’s say you live in South Africa (I do).

A R30k ($1.6k) website is considered expensive here.

But, in USA/Canada/UK/Australia, etc., $2-$3k for a website is “normal.”

Convert that to your local currency… 

That’s the power and potential of getting international clients.

✅ Same product/service + different client & location = more income.

"Sounds great, Kyle. But how do I get these clients?"

The same way you get local clients....

They’re not just going to hire you because you think you’re special or you have a portfolio site.

The basics still apply: 

You have to build credibility and trust.

How do you do this? 

When you’re starting out, you can focus on these four strategies: 

1. Do work for cheap

In the short term, it’s worth accepting lower-paying projects to build your portfolio.

Just be selective about the work and make sure it builds the kind of expertise you want to be known for.

2. Do work for free

Sometimes free work is even better than cheap work.

The key is being strategic about it - offer your services on projects and clients you would love to work with, that will add real value to your portfolio.

Do your best work and be sure to ask for a testimonial in return.

3. Build projects

If you don’t have the kind of clients or work you want, build your own.

You’ll learn a lot in the process and it still looks good on your portfolio.

4. Build a personal brand

At the end of the day, people want to work with people they like.

Let your personality show, and be yourself.

Build your brand around a specific niche, and get known for solving a specific problem for your ideal clients.

Once you have:

✅ experience

✅ portfolio

✅ testimonials

..then you can increase your rates to the “normal” rate in 1st world countries.

That’s how it’s done.

If you need help getting clients, watch this.

Go get started 👍

See you next week!


• Location impacts pricing; charge more for international clients.

• Focus on building credibility and trust to attract higher-paying clients.

• Accept lower-paying projects initially to build your portfolio.

• Offer free work strategically to gain testimonials and experience.

• Create your own projects to showcase your skills.

• Build a personal brand to attract clients who resonate with you.

• Once established, raise your rates to match first-world standards.

Have a good one, and chat to you next week!

Thanks for reading!


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