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22 April 2024

Your Offer is Everything: Here's How to Nail It

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Kyle Prinsloo


What do you do?

Who do you work with?

Your answer to these two questions could be the difference between making $20K a year and making $200K a year.

Of course, I’m not just talking about your answer to uncle Nat at your family lunch.

I’m talking about your offer.

In your freelance business, your offer is everything.

It can make or break your business.

Learn how to nail it early, and you will save yourself months or years of frustration and friction trying to land good clients, grow your income and run a business you actually enjoy.

So let’s learn how to do that.

Examples of bad offers:

❌ "Professional web creation services for your business”

❌ “We design websites that get your business noticed."

❌ "I make beautiful websites for companies big and small."

Examples of good offers:

✅ "I design high-conversion websites for eco-friendly e-commerce brands."

✅ “We build Wix Studio websites for chiropractors”

✅ "I help your pest control business dominate local SEO to get more calls."

Can you see it?

What’s the difference?

Bad offers are generalist blanket statements - the stuff everyone says.

Good offers are defined, clear, and bold.

They clearly communicate not just what you do, but who you serve and the benefit to them.

In other words, a good offer positions you as an expert in a particular niche.

If I am your ideal client, your offer tells me that you are an expert who can solve my problems.

Why is this so important? 1.) It creates a better experience for potential client.

Niching down with your offer makes your messaging laser focused. When a potential client comes across your website/offer for the first time, they will know immediately if it’s relevant to them.

Think about it: even if your ‘generalist’ services would be well suited to a particular prospect, you are making them work to figure that out. You’re adding to their decision fatigue - and they are much less likely to respond positively to that.

2.) You create instant perceived expertise

With a lazer-focused offer that speaks to a specific target audience, you are positioning yourself as the go-to problem-solver (expert) for that industry.

Client’s subconscious thinking: this person wouldn’t be advertising this highly specific service if they didn’t know what they were doing.

3.) You can charge more

Specialization demands a premium price. Experts always command higher prices than generalists. (Think GPs vs. Neurosurgeons).

People (usually) understand they are paying for your specific knowledge and experience in their industry, not just the time you spend on their job.

4.) You can work less

By focusing on the same types of clients and works, you naturally become more efficient at the work.

You can also be more focused and effective in your marketing, and spend less time looking for clients. As word spreads about your niche services, you’ll find more clients coming to you.

End result?

Higher net income and more enjoyment in your work.

And... more vacation time.

So, what's your offer?


  • Specialized offers position you as a niche expert, attracting better clients.

  • Clear, niche-focused messaging enhances perceived expertise and client satisfaction.

  • Specialization leads to higher prices, greater efficiency, and increased income.

Have a good one, and chat to you next week!

Thanks for reading!


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